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You know those people that are always over-scheduled?  Well, I am THAT girl! I have a terrible habit of not being able to say NO! I am a magnet for volunteering for anything/everything. Although I am happier when I am busy, it can make me crazy if I am not organized. When it comes to being organized I have to admit that I am old school; a calendar and notepad are my go to method. I know it sounds crazy right?! But, for me it works.  This calendar is Ah-Mazing! It not only keeps me organized in my daily routine but, it has sections for all of my goal keeping which is great for keeping me focused on whats important. I recently was shopping in Target and found this gem of a notepad in the dollar bin! Prioritizing is one of the most important parts to keeping organized and this notepad helps with that. One of the best pieces of advice I have for staying organized and efficient with your time is to keep things in perspective. Write down the most important things first, then schedule in the things that you need to do, and lastly, fill the rest of your time with the fluffy things you have( for me this is folding those piles of laundry,  pressing those white church shirts, and maybe catching up on some reality tv 😉 ) Being organized is different for everyone but these are some of the details that work best for me! What tips do you have for staying organized?


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