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Pink, pink, and more pink, that’s what this dessert table is all about. A beautiful dessert table is all about the details. Here are a couple of easy tips I use to when setting up my space.

– Choose your color palette and backdrop. I really like choosing a textured fabric (like the sequins one here), or for a more casual look I use wrapping paper. Wrapping paper is great if you are doing a kids party, and the best part is clean up is a cinch! These days there are so many different prints and even textures to wrapping paper the possibilities and styles are endless.

-Set the table.  Mixing and matching serving trays is a great way to add some more details to your table. I like to use cake stands, and trays of all sizes, shapes, and heights. A variety of dishes helps to  keep your eyes moving and adds even more detail to the table.

-Add the goodies! This is my favorite part. I love seeing how the table looks when all the dishes are filled. I like to use a mix of my favorite treats at the moment. For this dessert table I used mini cheesecakes, macaroons, dipped strawberries,  creme puffs, and a layered vanilla cake. Anything goes when choosing your treats, so be creative!

-Finishing touches. Once all desserts are plated you can add your finishing details. Fresh flowers or branches are always a great choice. These pink roses added some freshness and pops of color to the table which I loved.


Thats’ it!  Now grab your camera and snap a quick picture because your treats won’t last long! 🙂 What treats do you choose for your dessert table?





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