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Today I am sharing with you my favorite breakfast, and snack (or anytime treat). This bowl has everything you need to start your day off great! There are a couple of rules I have for my breakfast recipes, first, they have to be quick to prepare(because my time in the morning ALWAYS seems to be running on warp speed!), and second they have to be delicious! And this healthy bowl does both!   This recipe is really flexible too (another early morning bonus) you don’t have to use a certain mix of ingredients, just use what you have on hand.


frozen Acai  (I like Sambazon frozen packs)

1/4 cup coconut water

organic granola (any flavor)

fruit toppings of choice

agave syrup to drizzle

Add Acai and coconut water to blender, and blend until smooth.  Add some granola to your serving bowl and then layer in the Acai. Next, add all your toppings of choice and then drizzle the agave syrup on top to sweeten a bit. And Enjoy!

*You can make your own frozen acai by throwing some acai juice and ice in a blender. Also add some chia seeds and coconuts flakes for some added health benefits.



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