A mother’s note to Maya…



You are such a special little girl and the light of our family. You are girly, nurturing, sweet, smart, sassy, spirited, and energetic. You love to sing, dance, and skip. I especially love our snuggle time late at night, and after all the big brothers are at school. I am so grateful to have you as my daughter. With Mother’s Day quickly approaching I have thought a lot about the things I would want you always to hold close. I hope that you always remember that you are a beloved daughter of a Heavenly Father. I hope that you always cherish your role as being a woman, and that I am able to show you how special it truly is. I hope that I am able to lead by example in being kind, having courage, and being virtuous. But mostly, I hope that you are able to know just how much you are loved. always and forever.

Love always,




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