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When the temperatures start reaching the 90’s there’s nothing like grabbing an infused water to quench your thirst. I have always added lemon to my water so it’s no surprise that my littles have taken to it as well.  Adding fruit to your water is a great way to encourage yourself and your family to drink more water.(And doesn’t it just look so pretty?!)  My boys love chopping up the fruit and creating their own infused creations. They don’t need to know that infusing water actually can boost their immune system, or help aid their digestion, or boosts their metabolism.(That can be my little secret ;))  They just know that it tastes delicious and is fun to make! Here’s some of our favorite combos, pineapple+mint,strawberry+lemon, lemon+blueberry, and raspberry+mint. Another one I like is cucumber+mint (this combo is great for detox). Do you have a favorite blend? Share yours in the comments, we’d love to try it!




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