What’s in the Bag?


I am so ready for the summer sun. I am ready to spend long days by the pool, or beach. Last weekend I was cruising to the Bahamas with my love and soaking up the soon to be summer sun, and enjoying every second. There’s something about being out in the sun that just makes your heart and mind happy.  If there’s anything that I have learned about spending the day in the sun, its that you have to be prepared. Today I am sharing some of my essentials in my beach bag.

First thing first, lets talk about the bag. This Steve Madden bag was an instant favorite of mine. I mean whats not to love? The bright colors, the tassels, and its the perfect size to throw everything in and go. Another bag that I love is this one from Sea Bags. This bag is super durable and can hold everything from suntan lotion to your kids flippers. Its really oversized and perfect for lounging by the beach or just a day at the pool.



Ok lets talk my essentials… Some of the most important items I throw in my bag are a great pair of sunglasses and a hat. These Ray Bans are my favorite sunglasses. They are simple, classic and go with everything. I also love a good hat to keep the sun off my face. This hat is from Target and is on sale now for under $15. There are so many great hats at all different prices,and  I’m not really one to spend a lot on them because it seems they are always getting squished, stepped on, and just well abused in my home.


Now for some of these products that are a beach bag must. First things first, skin care. I have gone through so many different brands of sunscreen but, Sun Bum is the my favorite. They have so many different products and I am obsessed with them all. This sunblock works great and smells good too. I love that its not greasy feeling too. The face stick works well too, and because its on a stick, your eyes will be free from the sunscreen! (If you have kids, you know how hard it can be to keep it out of their eyes)

Now, lets talk hair care. In my beach bag I always carry a detangler, a brush, and some conditioner. The pool and beach can be so tough on your locks, so don’t forget to show them some love. Before heading out to the beach, I always rub in some of this conditioner. It really seems to protect the hair and works wonders at hydrating your locks. I work it through the kids hair and mine and then toss it up in a bun or braid and your good to go. This Sun Bum hair conditioner is a new addition to my bag, and so far I have been presently surprised. It smells divine, and the kids don’t mind it either.

Next lets talk lips. A good chapstick is important to keep your lips from getting sunburned and dried out. For this trip I forgot my normal chapstick and tried this one. It seemed to do the trick and my lips even felt softer after using it.

Other things I keep in my bag are a smaller pouch to keep important things protected. This small Sea Bag is the perfect size to keep some cash, keys, and even your phone safe. Its just as durable as the big beach bag and comes in different patterns and prints. Having a bag where you can keep your important things, will help keep you organized and accessible. A bag of Twizzlers make the cut too, because well, we all need a snack while we are lounging by the pool. 😉 I would love to know what your essential beach bag items are!





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