End of year class treats

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I cannot believe that this year is over already? How does it go so quickly? As much as I am ready for summer, I am kinda sad that this school year is coming to a close. Every year at the end of the school year, I always put something together for the kids to take and pass out to their friends. It’s kinda like a cooler version of asking everyone to sign your yearbook!;) Anyways, this year I feel like I am unusually busier than normal, so instead of doing something a little more time consuming I decided on these. I mean which kid doesn’t want a GIANT a pixie stick?! I bought these from Amazon for $25.00 in a pack of 85. To make it is easy and a fast assembly I made a quick and easy tag on label paper, and wrapped the end around the top of the stick. Easy and done! Maybe not the healthiest end of school favors, but it sure looks cute! (And we all know, thats what really matters;) )



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