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Today I am finally sharing some of the pictures from the cruise that we took a few weeks ago.  Life has been so extra busy around here that I am just now getting around to editing the pictures. From the looks of these pictures you would think that I was on vacation by myself but, really my sweet husband is camera shy! Ha! He never lets me snap a picture of him and whenever I finally get one taken of us, he hates it. So its a work in progress to get him in more pictures!;)

We had a great time cruising aboard the Disney Dream. I know that it seems kinda crazy to go on a Disney trip without the littles but I have to say that it was great! We were able to upgrade our room to the Roy Disney suite and it was amazing! Our balcony was huge and had its own hot tub! I think we only really left our room to get food, go to the spa, and head to the beach. It was the most relaxing time ever! We spent all day enjoying the sunshine on that balcony. We also were able to have Palo come and set up dinner on the balcony. It was the most romantic thing I think that we have done. The dinner was delicious, and we had two servers who came and served the meal course by course. Everything was perfect, the sun set was the backdrop to our dinner, it was beautiful!! And the best part was that I was able to go to dinner in my bathrobe! (who doesn’t love that!)

On Castaway Cay, we made sure to reserve a cabana. These are a great choice if you are looking for a little privacy and are a great place to relax. I really like having cabana 5-7 because they are right in the middle and have close proximity to everything else the island has to offer. We spent all day lounging in ours. From spending time in the hammock, to reading on the couch, to hanging out at the private beach our time was well spent.

I love spending time being able to get away just the two of us and this cruise was the perfect trip. Warm sun on the skin, naps everyday, plenty and plenty of delicious food, and lots of time to reconnect with each other.

Here’s my tips to making the most out of a Disney Cruise:

  1. Book EARLY! Disney rarely runs a promotion but we continue to go back because, the ships are immaculate and really it is the best cruise line from our experience.  The earlier you book your cruise the better the rate.
  2. Know WHEN to go! Skip on the peak travel times and go during the off season. We have found great deals January, February, May, and late September through October.
  3. Splurge for the nicer room! Book the best room category you can. If you can do it book Concierge level. The perks are amazing and make it an even better experience. Also once you arrive, check to see if you can upgrade your cabin. There is a small nominal fee but it can really be a nice treat. For this cruise, I had originally booked a One bedroom Concierge Suite, but when I arrived I asked if we could upgrade and for a small fee we were able to have a much bigger suite.
  4. Get a Cabana! Enjoying a cabana is such a treat on the island. Finding seats and space on the day you are on Castaway can be stressful so if you can request a cabana. Plus, it kinda lets you experience the island as if its your own! If you can’t then I advise getting off early and heading to the beach as quick as possible, chairs go QUICK!
  5. Skip Nassau and Enjoy the Boat!- If you are on a shorter cruise, I would say to skip out on the Bahamas and just enjoy the ship. The time goes quick on the cruise, so take advantage of being on the boat. Also the shorter the cruise, the less busy the spa is! We took full advantage of this and enjoyed this area a lot. 😉
  6. Taking the kids is amazing and some of our favorite vacations but if you can sneak away with your sweetheart, its so worth it! Take my advice and get away! I know little trips like this are good for the marriage, and are so good for the soul!
  7. Lastly, EAT UP! They have some of the best treats on the boat, and I’m not just talking about the ALL you can eat ice cream!:)




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