MaYa’S 3rd BiRtHdAy!


Two weeks ago we celebrated this little princess turning 3! She has been looking so forward to her party for months now, asking everyday if it is her party day! The morning of her party as I was getting everything ready, she would just skip around singing about her mermaid party. It was really fun to plan her party because she knew exactly what she wanted, so I could make it special for her. I think she may have her mommy’s party gene!;)

She had such a fun day splashing around with her friends, eating cupcakes, and feeling like a princess. It was a perfect day! Thanks to all her friends for helping to make her day so special! a few pictures below…


^The only way to start your Birthday morning! A Wise family tradition, a donut cake!


I have to say that decorating for this party was so easy!  I’m not sure if it was because the boys were not around, or if I’m finally becoming more efficient at assembling the parties, but it was a breeze this time around! It was so bright and sunny that day (and HOT, so HOT!) but I served starfish turkey/cheese sandwiches, chips/pretzels and dip, oyster cookies, goldfish, and fruit star kabobs. For the moms, I had a black berry salad too.


I cannot believe she’s 3! She is so fun and really is our princess but, it is so hard to see my baby turning 3!


^Because we had such a small party this year, I was really able to make the party favors pretty neat. In the girls buckets I had an Ariel nightgown, flip flops, tiara, sunglasses, water squirter, and bubbles. In the boys buckets I had a Nemo shirt, hat, sunglasses, bubbles, water squirter, and mini towel. (Planning ahead really paid off in the favors department because I was able to find all the Ariel gear on sale, like the flip flops for $2! etc) So plan EARLY! I have to say the best part of the morning was seeing all the kids wearing all their favors. It was so cute to see them all match!


^some cousin love!


I picked up this water slide at SAMs and it was worth every penny! The kids loved playing on it.




^ Maya showing her cousin her birthday mermaid cupcakes. These two are so fun to watch, they are like 3 going on 13!


^Noise makers, a 3 year olds favorite thing! 🙂


^hands on the hip… I die! So cute! I think she’s getting a lesson on noise makers! ha!  *On a side note this mason jar cups are the BOMB! If you have been to a party here, you know that I use these ALL the time! Seriously the best thing, they are plastic too, so are totally safe for out by the pool and little hands. I found mine at Walmart.


^The after party attire! Camdyn rocking her party favors, tiara and all! And Maya in her new princess dress! She couldn’t decide on which new princess dress to wear so every 15 minutes it was a new dress change! It was a perfect party!

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