Rolling into the New School Year





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We are home this weekend and enjoying a weekend of play and rest. I feel like we have been so busy this summer running here and there trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible before the summers end!

I cannot believe that I am already thinking school time! This summer was just way too short for me! Backpacks are packed full of new school supplies, new lunch boxes are bought, and new school shoes are ready for some recess. It would seem I am ready to go, however, there is just one thing left to do…. A teacher treat of course! The first day of school can sometimes make the kids a little nervous, and especially walking into a new classroom, with a new teacher, and all new friends; so to help them break the ice with their teachers I always send in a little something. Some year its sharpie markers, or another teacher supply, but this year I opted for something yummy instead! Everyone loves a good snack right? I picked up these cinnamon rolls from Panera Bread and made a quick little tag for them, tied them with some raffia and they are as cute as ever! I don’t know a single teacher who won’t be happy to see these boxes walk through their door!;) What is your favorite treat to bring you teacher?




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