Dress it up 2 ways

The best way to maximize your wardrobe in fall is to have pieces that are versatile. Having a couple of pieces in your wardrobe that you can wear multiple ways is good for your wallet, and even better for your closet! Today I went into my closet and found one of those pieces to show you how simple it can be!   This dress is really affordable and easy to wear. greendress1

This look is for those days that are still too warm to be throwing on too many layers (pretty much most of our fall season in Florida!;) ) For this look I paired a simple cardigan over the dress, and threw on my favorite booties. I really like adding a statement piece of jewelry to give it a pop of texture and some eye candy.




This second look is for a bit of colder weather. For this look I just gathered the dress and then just knotted it on the side. This dress isn’t too long, so I didn’t feel the knot was that bulky. For all those that blessed with some height, you could probably just wear it long and not knotted (but I have #shortgirlproblems)!  I paired the dress with my favorite leather jacket, hat, leggings, and booties for a complete fall look. Two looks out of one dress! The thing about finding versatile pieces is to think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to try new things and be confident in your choices! Fall is all about layering, so have fun with it. Look for new combinations of textures, and prints. Who knows you may have a whole new selection of outfits, if you layer them differently! 🙂


First look- Green dress , cardigan(mine old similar here) ,  booties  ,  clutch

Second look- Green dress , Cutout Bootie , faux leather jacket , wool hat  ,  Jeans




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