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Today I am switching up a bit from the normal outfit and recipe entries and giving you a look into our home. Decorating my home is something that I love to do, its almost therapeutic to me. ┬áDesigning my children’s rooms are one of my favorite places to style. They are usually fun spaces, and the client (my littles) are usually always happy with the end product. ­čÖé ┬áRight now I have a Star Wars room, a lovely lavender room, and an explorer room. ┬áThe above pictures are just a glimpse of my oldest’s room. He loves history, and exploring new places. He has a love for learning, that makes my heart smile. When we moved into our home 3 years ago, I knew that I wanted to give him a space that was all his own and that could grow with him. Now, 3 years later he still loves his space and whenever we are on a trip he always looks for something to bring back to his room.

Here’s some of my tips for decorating a child’s room.

  1. Choose furniture that can grow with your children and that will be timeless, and transcend through decor/theme changes. This furniture line that I have in my boys rooms are amazing. Each night stand has a built in nightlight, and a charging station kept secretly under the top. The bed has a built in reading light that is tucked away in the poster of the headboard. These details sold the furniture to me. And my littles love reading in bed now!
  2. Make it personal. When designing my littles spaces, I really like to think about their interests, hobbies, and even their personality. I include details that really mean something to them, I try hard to make them feel special in their space. For example, in my son’s room he has a piece of artwork that has a saying that we always speak to each other. I know that it makes him feel special and important when he sees it in his room.
  3. Make it functional. ┬áOf course one of the best tips is to keep the spaces functional, but what I mean here is more about keeping it useful for your little. For example, in this space I have some antique trunks nestled by his dresser, in this trunks he is able to keep his treasures safe and secure. He likes it because he feels like he has a special place for his things and I love it because his “treasure” is not cluttering the space.
  4. Have a brag board. Well in my case its more of a brag bookshelf.;) What I mean by that is to have a place that your child can proudly show off things that are really important to him. In this room you will notice that he has a bookshelf that has things displayed on it. It not really that organized and styled perfectly but to him its decorating at its finest. He proudly places his trophies, baseball cards, travel souvenirs, and pictures on this shelf. He loves explaining his treasures to his friends, and recalling those memories they remind him of.


Now for two things that you will never find in my littles rooms… I know some people might think that I am crazy and that’s ok too.

  1. a  TV
  2. computer

I have made the decision to not put these electronics in my children’s room for many reasons. Some of those reasons are because I want them to be able to power down and enjoy their space. It is hard to rest and think when there is always a tv, computer, or any other gadget alerting for your attention. Another reason and perhaps the most important reason is to add a layer of protection for them. ┬áIt is so easy to find things that are vulgar, and attack a child’s innocence while using a gadget. By keeping these things out of the privacy of ┬átheir room, we are able to monitor and add a layer of protection for them. All computers and TV’s are kept in spaces where the whole family can visit and enjoy them together. I am sure at some point, this may be an unpopular choice in this house, and frankly, I’m ok with that! I know families that do have these things in their children’s room and it works well for that family; but as for my family, we will be different and that’s ok too.

Now it’s way past my bedtime! I hope you all have a great rest of the weekend! Thanks for stopping by!



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