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One more day to go until the Weekend! Yay! If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw the mess I had in my room late last night; it’s safe to say that it’s still there! 🙁 So today I am really trying to thin out the laundry mountain, shorten up that ever growing to do list, and helping my curly top feel better. I really want/need that weekend to come quick! Anyone else feel the same way?! Today I am sharing some of my current picks for my makeup. All of these items I have right now and I love them! This eye pallet is one of my favorites that I have ever picked up! The colors are great for fall, and can be worn for an everyday look or a night out. It’s less than $30 and worth every penny! The Jojoba oil is awesome and serves for so many purposes. Right now I am using it as a body and facial moisturizer and love how it leaves my skin. I put it on right after  a warm bath and my skin feels smooth and refreshed. This lip combo is a new addition to the makeup drawer and one that I’ll be purchasing again. I usually don’t wear a bright lip so the neutral color of this one is great for that everyday and simple makeup routine. What are your favorite additions to your makeup drawer?



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