St. John


Everytime we travel I always have them pack and carry a backpack. I love that they are learning responsibility and have things to occupy them while we are traveling, and they love that they get to pack some of their prized possessions!


This picture makes me smile. Her little backpack filled with her princess dolls, her braided pigtails which are lopsided because I redid them while she slept in my lap on the plane, and the way she is standing as she is watching the planes. She is just so grown to me! And I feel it happened overnight!






My curly top has so much spunk! We are waiting to board the water taxi and he’s refusing a picture! He thinks if he makes a face then the picture is ruined. Ha! If only he knew I thought different. 😉


Pineapple sunglasses, curly top’s dimples, and these two large personalities, make for one of my favorite pictures!



Grandma and Papa always join us on this trip and we wouldn’t have it any other way!



I could snorkel with this little mermaid all day long! I mean look at those cheeks! I love love love her!



Swimming next to these turtles is just the best! They are so sweet and really quite beautiful.


These two stole my heart away!


He snorkels around the pool while he waits for everyone to head down to the bay. If only every pool had a view like this!




These hermit crabs are the BEST! We love finding them and building sandcastles for them. The provide hours of play for my littles.


This little girl has so much energy! She is always wanting to dance, flip, and play.










It has taken me sooo long to get this post up and on the blog! I never thought that it would of taken so long to sort, and edit these images. I have so many favorite images but today I’m just sharing a few.  We have looked forward to this trip for a long time. It is our very favorite place to be, and look forward to going each year. St. John is the most beautiful island that I have every been to. The weather is warm, the sand is soft, and the water is crystal clear. We always stay at Casa la Famiglia when we are on island. The villa is impeccable and so comfortable for my busy little family. The villa is located on Klein Bay and the views are one in a million!  One reason why we choose to stay at the villa is freedom. Freedom for our littles to play and laugh out loud, freedom to have the schedule we want, and the freedom to splash around the pool and not worry about getting in other’s ways. (Anyone with littles knows how awesome this is!) The trip to St. John is a long one. Two planes, one taxi, one water ferry, and another taxi once on island are what you are up against when you plan your visit. It’s definitely a long travel day but once you see those beautiful waters and the picturesque mountain backdrop it makes the travel totally worth it. This island has some of the most amazing beaches, Trunk, Maho, and Dennis are some of our favorites just to name a few. While on island we spend most of our days beach hopping, and snorkeling. Most days we do a beach day in the morning, come home take a nap, and then snorkel in Klein Bay until dark. I swear by the end of the trip my littles are part fish! They never come out of the water! I think one of my absolute favorite things about this trip is the time that is spent unplugged. All the hours of the day that are spent splashing, snorkeling, hiking, and swimming are all done unplugged; just our little family making memories and laughing together. And that’s what’s really important finding some time to reconnect, and strengthen our family bond!

I’m sharing all my St. John recommendations on the blog later this week! Along with lots more of my favorite pictures! So be sure and check it out!



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