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Happy Friday!  We are in full on Christmas Party mode here in the Wise house! Every day this week has been some kind of party, from cookie decorating with littles, to a gingerbread house family night, a church party, and now a welcome home party for a deserving returned missionary. That’s one thing I love about this time a year, there is so much to celebrate and so many chances to make some memories with the ones you love. Today, I am sharing some of my favorite pictures from our shoot we did with KikiBlue photography  . If you are in the Central Florida area and are looking for a photographer I strongly recommend her! She made things easy, simple, and really painless (because everyone knows how painful picture days can be with littles and a husband 😉 ) We recently took our pictures for our Christmas cards and I am so in LOVE with ALL of them! These pictures captured all of the different personalities of my littles, it just makes me laugh.  These are images that I know that I will treasure forever! I didn’t really plan on having them so fancy but my boys insisted on wearing a suit, so I was not going to miss out on that opportunity! 🙂

Here’s my  3 tips for taking good family shoots:

  1. Schedule a time that you know will work best for your family. Pay attention to nap and work schedules, etc. I have learned this lesson a couple times. And hungry, tired kids + stressed out dad = crazy miserable pictures!
  2. Choose outfits that everyone loves. It’s important that everyone feels comfortable in what they are wearing. Maya’s dress that I had originally picked had a fur collar on it and the day of pictures she would not wear it, I tried bribing and everything but she was miserable so I rushed to the mall and found this and she was so much happier! I think her smiles were worth the stress of last minute shopping!
  3. Keep the shoot fun! If the littles are bored, give them a break. A quick ring around the rosie, snuggle session, or for ours it was a quick minute on Pokemon Go  and then they were good to go! Keep it moving too. Know what you want and get that first, that way if things go south you aren’t as stressed. Some of the best pictures are candids, its in those images you capture some of the best moments, and smiles.


I wish you all the luck with your family pictures! Below are some of my favorites.  And Merry Christmas!










img_8298-2    img_8341     img_8094




img_8292-2   img_8187   img_8123-2




img_8584   img_8537



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