Little Lovebugs…

Well it’s late Friday night and I am finally getting this post up and on the blog.  This week has been such a great one, lots of fun Valentines Day activities and baseball practices.  Geoffrey and I even managed to sneak away this afternoon and have an early V-day date. 🙂  Today though  I wanted to share a tradition that I do with my littles every February. I always look forward to this holiday because it is such an easy holiday to show little acts of kindness. This particular activity starts on February 1st and goes until February 14th. It all started with these cute little love bugs that I found a couple of years ago at the Hallmark Store. ( I looked and couldn’t  find them but you could use a toy mailbox, or another stuffed animal) I just love these little guys, they are just so cute! Alright back to our tradition, each day I place a different treat in side them (they have zippered backs) and I move them around the house so they have to find them. Some days they ride along with me to pick up the kids from school, other days they are waiting downstairs for them, today they were hiding in the pantry with strawberry milk straws (if you don’t know, they are straws with flavor beads in them and they make the milk strawberry flavored, they were a big hit!) I try and keep the cost down because I do this for two weeks;  somedays its just a piece of candy and a note,and somedays its an activity for us to do. My littles look forward to this every year, and its such a good way for me to show them how special they are to me. Below I shared some of things I have done with them so far. Do you have any special traditions you do this time of year?


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