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This picture is #reallife for what my photoshoots actually look like! 😉 No matter what the pictures on my blog/instagram show, please know there is always crazy just beyond cropped image.



Ruffle Sweater(mine old similar here and here), Metallic Skirt( similar here, here, and here),  Nikes, ( others I love 1  2  3  4  5  6 )


Today I was hoping to share some of our London tips and travel itinerary but I’m still not finished! (ahh..I’m really trying I swear!) So instead of a travel post, I’m sharing this outfit details instead. I have been eyeing this skirt for some time now, and I knew that Paris was the perfect place to wear it. I know that I have said it before but I really like pairing skirts/dresses with tennis shoes. I like that I can be girlie and feminine while still being so comfortable. Wearing good walking shoes was a must on our trip because we walked miles each day, and most of those miles I was holding a little one whose legs needed a break!

The Nike Cortez are some of my favorite because they are a little more dressy than a regular tennis shoe, and come in several colors. I also really like to have a more slender shoe, it helps to make the look more fluid than having your eyes be drawn to the clunky big athletic shoe.  Pairing your dresses and skirts with tennis shoes can feel a little awkward at first but once you do it, I promise you’ll be hooked! It’s nice to give your feet a rest sometimes!  I shared some of my go to sneakers above in the outfit details some are more dainty than others. The key to this trend is to do what you feel comfortable with and make the outfit yours.








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