Oh London! Where do I begin? This was by far one of my favorite vacations with my family. There are so many memories that were made here, so many things my kids learned here, and so many hours filled with magical moments. I really loved watching Maya dance her way through the castles. She would wander through each room and twirl her heart out! It was the cutest thing! When I asked her why she was doing that, she simply stated, “Mommy, that’s what princesses do!” Of course they do! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย The boys were OBSESSED with everything royal. They were constantly asking questions about the history of England to anyone who would listen! Everyone was so kind and would answer the 100 questions they had so nicely. I could sit and watch their little minds working so hard to understand every little detail. The audio sets were by far their favorite. Every place and tour we did they would run and grab one. Jayden and Alex did awesome and would follow along, Landon would follow for a bit and then would switch his to Chinese or something and just giggle the whole way! Later in the week I will be sharing our travel itinerary and some things we learned along the way. So be sure and look for that! Below are some of my favorites from our day at Windsor. This place is truly the best. It is such a charming place, with so much history. When you walk around the castle you can’t help but to wonder what it used to be like. The Queen was in her residence while we were there and the kids were on edge just hoping that they could catch a glimpse! On the way out, there was a sweet older gentleman walking a dog and the kids stopped to pet and play with it. The man proceeded to answer all the boys questions about what it was like to live on the castle grounds, but when they asked him whose dog it was, he wouldn’t say except that it was his 90 year old friends. Well naturally my kids are convinced that it was the Queen’s dog! Needless to say, they all were on cloud nine after that! Sharing lots of pictures below… ๐Ÿ™‚
















See Landon’s face! Pure happiness!;) Those audio sets were the hit of the trip!










Dancing through the castle, having the time of her life….feeling just like a princess!







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