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It’s Monday and the list of things to do is ever growing! I just keep reminding myself that another Monday means we are a week closer to Summer Vacation! Woo hoo! I can’t wait to have my kids, schedule, and mornings all to my liking! Anyone else with me?!

I was really hoping to get this post up a LONG time ago but life happened and it just took me a little longer. Today I am recapping some of the details of our trip for you. First, I must say that March is a beautiful time to visit London, the weather was crisp and cool, the crowds were small, and the flowers were in full bloom.

We spent our days very busy and checked off just about everything we set out to do. Windsor Castle, The Tower of London, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the change of Guards, the British Museum,and Hamley’s Toy Store are all places we went. I think that the only thing we didn’t get to do was to attend a Chelsea football game. My boys were hopeful but when it came time to do it,we just couldn’t get tickets. 🙁 Maybe next time!  The Tower of London was the boys favorite, they loved walking through the white tower, and learning about the armor and knights. Maya and I loved the Tower because it holds everything that sparkles! The Crown Jewels are amazing! I think every girl should have at least one diamond studded tiara, and here you see many!

One afternoon we went to The Sanderson Hotel for their Mad Hatters Tea Party. You can find more details about it here and if you are headed to London I highly recommend it. It was a fun way to celebrate  an old English tradition.  All of the teas were delicious and the treats were almost to cute to eat! This was probably one of the most stressful things we did, I knew that I wanted to involve my littles in the tradition but the thought of hot tea, and breakable dishes made me kinda cringe. I have to say though, that we did great! All the littles had a blast adding sugar cubes to their tea cups, and the endless treats helped too.

Another afternoon we spent playing in St. James park, and if there was ever a park to play in this one was it! It was filled with daffodils, cherry blossoms, and the best playground. We even stopped at the little cafe there for pastries and hot chocolates. The littles loved feeding the crumbs to the ducks swimming in the ponds around us. The backdrop to this lovely place is Buckingham Palace which makes it all a little bit more perfect!

One way that we were able to save a little money and have a little more freedom was to rent a flat. I have found that with our rambunctious crew, space is a must! Now, don’t get me wrong we do love going to a resort but for longer trips Homeaway is where we book. Our flat was right outside London, in Bloomsbury. It was so nice to be close to the city but not in the mess of it. I’ve linked the details about our flat here, if you’re interested. It was very nice and clean inside, and the property manager was a delight to deal with and made everything so easy.

If you are interested in traveling long distances but are nervous about going with littles, I say go for it! Our flight traveling to London was super easy because the kids slept the whole way! On the way back the kids did great, and having their devices made it a little easier too. Honestly, I love traveling and would do it all the time if I could; but I think what I love most about seeing new places, are the experiences that we are having with our children. There’s no time for electronics or distractions when there are adventures to be had! I can’t wait for the start of summer to have lots more here at home and away!

Later this week I will post some pictures from our time in Paris, along with some Easter posts; so be sure to check back! If you have any questions about London or traveling with littles feel free to ask! I’d love to help!




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